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Take Those Personal Days: 3 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation

As the long winter months fade into memory and warm spring breezes remind us that summer is on its way, discussions turn from Monday blues to summer plans. Don’t suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) when scrolling through your friends’ vacation photos. Take a vacation and post your own because, believe us, you need it. Here’s why.

Tropical beach vacation

Image via Flickr by PRMF

Time away improves your health

Vacations aren’t just a nice way to spend the summer; they can save your life. In fact, studies show that men who skipped their vacation for five years in a row were 30% more likely to suffer heart attacks than their coworkers who took advantage of one week of vacation time. Vacations minimize stress and reset your sleep pattern, which makes way for a happy heart and a happy life.

Vacations can make you smarter

“I don’t have time for a vacation.” If you’ve uttered that phrase, you’re not alone; on average, U.S. employees only take half of their allotted vacation time.

While it may feel as though you don’t have the time to take from your job, studies show that employees who took more vacation time than their coworkers improved their end-of-year performance ratings by 8% per 10 hours of vacation time. The reason is simple: focus is needed for productivity, and when your mind is tired, your focus suffers. Vacations are shown to relax the brain, improving your productivity in the long run.

A relaxed brain increases focus and productivity, but it is also a learning brain. When the brain is relaxed, it spends more time memorizing new skills and information where a stressed brain might not be able to keep up.

Family vacations boost your children’s happiness and brain functions

Even with weekly family nights, family time often gets the shaft in favor of other pressing items in your life. But family time is more than just a nice thing to have; it’s essential for your family’s growth and happiness.

A poll conducted by Disney showed that 97% of parents say that they shared new information with their kids while on vacation. The same poll also concluded that families who vacation together noted a positive change in family attitudes and behaviors.

As you grow your own brain on vacation, your children’s brains will also benefit. Exploring new places activates a child’s social, sensory, and cognitive interactions as they meet new people and see new things.

Vacations improve productivity, boost your family’s happiness, and can save your life. So, what are you waiting for? Pack away those excuses along with your suitcase, and take that vacation! Your boss, family, and body will thank you.

Unsure where to go? We’ll give you a warm, local welcome here in Galveston, Texas! With our variety of vacation rentals, we’ll handle the stresses of housing so that you and your brain can relax. Call The House Company today!