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Which Vacationer Are You? Our Vacation Rental Guide

Everyone vacations differently. To some, a vacation is a time to catch up on some much-needed rest, while others view it as a way to experience new things. Planning the perfect vacation begins with understanding your vacation style and finding the amenities that fit your needs. We’ve put together a handy guide to determine your vacation style and match you with the perfect vacation rental. Which one are you?

Relaxing in a hammock

Image via Flickr by Greg Pye

The Family Type

You’re looking forward to having some quality time on the beach away from the hustle and bustle of town. Maybe you’re hosting a family reunion, or your household is just too busy to see each other frequently enough during the year, so you want to get away to have some quality time together. Our West End beach houses offer units that sleep up to 18 people as well as pet-friendly units so you don’t have to leave your furriest family members at home! With units across the street from the beach, you and your family can explore Galveston’s offerings without wandering too far from home base.

The Die-Hard Fisher

You’re up before the sun, decked in fishing gear, ready to pursue the best catches of the day. You have an “I’d rather be fishing” sign on your desk at work, and you guard the secrets of your fishing hole back home with your life. Your vacation is not just a time to get away, but a time to pursue ocean catches and bring home dinner at the end of the day. Our Canal Homes offer proximity to our favorite fishing holes and beach access so that you can enjoy a peaceful fishing day while the rest of your group plays in the sand.

The Socialite

You love to be around people. You seek out the action, the best restaurants, the pools where your kids can play while you read a book. The beach may be a focus of your vacation, but you’re also looking to check out everything that Galveston has to offer and participate in some of the local culture. Our condos and midtown cottages offer a variety of options where you can enjoy easy access to Galveston’s best restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife.

The Festival-Goer

You go where the music takes you. You came to Galveston to have some drinks, listen to some great music, and have a great time. To you, the beach is just a backdrop to the fun, and you’d rather soak up the views and the festivals rather than spend all day in the sand. The Emerald by the Sea Condo offers beautiful views of the ocean, proximity to Stewart Beach, Pleasure Pier, and the historic Strand, and offers the social scene of a high rise.

Every vacationer is different, so why should their housing options be the same? Whether you’re a Family Type, a Fisher, a Socialite, a Festival-Goer, or a combination of the four, we have the perfect vacation rental to suit your needs. Don’t stress over your vacation; let us take care of you. Call The House Company today to make a reservation.