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New Galveston Golf Cart Rules in Place

Note: Many have asked where they can find a copy of the new Galveston golf cart rules. This link will be kept updated as the discussion and new ordinance are approved by the city.

Several years ago, Galveston City Council approved golf cart use for licensed drivers and began allowing more leeway for visitors who want to rent a golf cart during their stay.

As a result, we see golf carts everywhere with people from all around using them to get from place to place on the island. While this is greatly convenient, the approval also brought about new problems.

Fast forward and inevitably the need for updated regulations is upon us. The council discussed the new use of golf carts around town and implemented new rules for all drivers of golf carts – regardless if they are owned or borrowed.

Among the major changes are:

Inspections – all carts must be in working order with all required safety elements, and must renew this inspection on an annual basis.

Registration – all carts must pay an annual registration fee, whether for personal or commercial use

Safety – all carts must have seat belts and appropriate signage for slow-moving vehicles.

There are several limitations to where the carts may be used, which is the rule that is most often overlooked. It’s ideal that you familiarize yourself with the new golf cart rules even if you are just here for a week. Be sure to ask your golf cart rental agency for a list of current regulations and a map where you are allowed to go.