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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Realtor

In the world of DIY and online tutorials, we feel as though we can do anything. When it comes to Kermit the Frog cupcakes, it’s okay if they turn out looking more like The Hulk than the cute frog that looked so easy to decorate on Pinterest. But when it comes to buying or selling your home, that’s one area where your DIY mistake could cost you thousands of dollars and hours of heartache. Save yourself the trouble and hire a realtor!

House for sale

Image via Flickr by Douglas Acosta

We are experienced

All of the online resources in the world can’t make up for the experience of a realtor. We have gone through rigorous training to receive our licenses, and we do this on a daily basis. Learning all of the industry terms and methods takes a lot of work. Your time is precious. The value of a realtor is in the massive amount of time you will save.

Get the most out of your investment

How much is your home worth? The answer to this question changes all of the time. We know the current market. If you’re selling your home, we negotiate a price that you can feel confident about, and when you’re searching for a home, we know how to find a home at a fair price. We know the tricks of the trade. Take advantage of that.

Professional networking

We work with other agents all of the time, so we know where the action is. When you approach us with your wishes, we instantly have dozens of potential homes bouncing through our heads. We know the best agents who represent quality home buyers. Additionally, The House Company is the only real estate agency in Galveston that is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which grants us access to agencies and listings all over the world! You can’t find this kind of connection from a Google search.

Peace of mind

When you invest in an agent, you invest in confidence. Buying and selling your home is complicated and sometimes emotional. As experienced professionals, we have seen it all. We offer support through your panicked second-thought phone calls at 9pm the night before closing. We understand your need to embark on an exhaustive search to find the right home, and we come alongside you for all of it. We’ll defend against unfair prices or non-serious buyers. Your success is our success, and we ensure that you find the home of your dreams within your budget.

We know our neighborhood

Often, the friendly face of your real estate agent is the first one you’ll see when moving to a new town. We know and love Galveston, and we are happy to provide the insider’s perspective of each neighborhood. Location is everything, and we will make sure that you find a home in the location that works for you. And, who knows, you might make a new friend along the way!

You wouldn’t remove your own appendix. Why should you sell your own home? Hire a real estate agent today and discover the peace of mind that our expertise brings.