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Get Outside: 3 Hikes and Nature Walks Around Galveston

Surf, sand, and seafood. These are the attractions that pop into one’s mind when they think of Galveston, Texas, but we are much more than that! From our historic Strand district to our plethora of museums, Galveston offers activities for everyone, including nature lovers.

Galveston Island is home to a number of nature reserves and hiking trails, providing havens for bird watchers, photographers, campers, and more. Here is a list of activities for those of you who prefer to don hiking boots over flip flops.

Go birdwatching at Galveston Island State Park

Image via Flickr by Shiva Shenoy

Galveston Island State Park

Located on the west end of the island, Galveston Island State Park is home to local flora and fauna and has activities for everyone. Fitness gurus can walk or bike along four miles of trails. For those of you who like to sleep under the stars, campsites are available for tents or trailers and RVs. Fishers rejoice at the many fishing holes both in the bay area or beachside, and water lovers can explore their numerous paddle trails (but be sure to bring your own equipment). They even have a spot for those who prefer the indoors at their nature center. Check out their events page for upcoming programs, or ask about private tours for your group and the junior ranger program for the kiddos.

East End Lagoon Preserve

A popular spot for locals and visitors alike, the East End Lagoon Preserve offers countless fishing areas, bird watching, canoeing and kayaking, and more. A bird watcher’s paradise, hundreds of species of birds can be found throughout the year, from black skinners to herons. Take a kayak tour of the lagoon on your own, or join a group with one of Galveston’s private entities. For the adventurous, there are primitive hiking trails, but be sure to bring your mud boots! As of 2018, the hiking trails are under development, and plans are in place for improvement. However, those of you who are brave enough will find no shortage of wildlife and beautiful views of the Gulf.

The Seawall

For those more interested in history than nature, the Seawall provides a fantastic walk along the sandy beaches of Galveston. Built after the devastating Galveston Hurricane of 1900 to protect the city against future hurricanes, the 17-foot tall structure earned its name as a National Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2001. Walk along the 10 miles of sidewalk—considered the longest continuous sidewalk in the world—enjoying views of the Gulf on one side and some of Galveston’s most popular shops and restaurants and shops on the other.

Although Galveston Island is small in land mass, it boasts the offerings of a much larger city. Get out of town and enjoy the nature that we are proud to preserve. Looking to move to our little island paradise? Call us today, and we’ll set you up with your new home. Come join us!