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Commercial Lease Question

Q: My office is in a leased building which has just been listed for sale. We are not being notified when there will be showings. Are they required to let us know?

There are all types of leases out there. I can only respond to the typical Commercial Lease available and often used by Texas Realtors which has a paragraph that addresses this issue. It states that the landlord (which usually also includes his/her representative) can access the property during your normal work hours to show the property to potential buyers. It also states that the property may be accessed by the landlord after hours with the tenant’s permission. It includes the statement that the Landlord will not unnecessarily interfere with the Tenant’s business operations when accessing the leased premises. This applies if the lease terms were not altered. If the showings are creating a problem, read your lease. It should cover this situation. If it’s not clear, have a conversation with your landlord. Or you can call the listing agent, who might help you. There may be a very simple solution.

Acronyms! Love ‘em or hate ‘em? They are a great way to shorten a sentence, a title, a text, tweet, or insult. But it always annoys me when an acronym is used without any previous explanation as to what it stands for….texts and tweets excluded. You’re on your own there! Realtors are as guilty as anyone. I signed up for a Realtor Conference with a schedule full of acronyms leaving me wondering what some of the forums were actually about. I’m not new to this business, so I can only imagine how confusing it could be for a new Realtor. I realize that non-Realtors often wonder what those letters behind a Realtor’s name mean. I think first and foremost, they stand for the fact that the Realtor invested, at a minimum, time and money to better themselves in their field. A few of those earned designations include buyer representation, seller representation, commercial specialties, residential specialties, resort and second-home properties, land brokerage, property management, brokerage management, seniors and international markets. Some of these require annual continuing education and dues. The local Galveston Association of Realtors (GAR) strives to make it convenient to obtain the education requirements for some of those designations by offering classes on a regular basis. SYGARA! Support Your GAR Agents!

***If you are planning on protesting your taxes this year, keep in mind that the deadline has been changed from the end of May to May 15th! Don’t miss it!***

Tanya Jones, 2018 President of GAR, is a Realtor with The House Company and can be reached at or 409 789 7222.