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Monthly Archives: March 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Galveston Island

Staring out your office window at the concrete jungle, flashes of faraway paradises flit through your mind. You feel the sand between your toes as you imagine sipping on a cocktail while tropical breezes whisk your worries away. While you can spend thousands of dollars traveling to a resort, be kind to your wallet and […]

Commercial Lease Question

Q: My office is in a leased building which has just been listed for sale. We are not being notified when there will be showings. Are they required to let us know? There are all types of leases out there. I can only respond to the typical Commercial Lease available and often used by Texas […]

Ask Before You Buy

Q: My wife and I have been looking at houses with our Realtor. Our Realtor requested that we get pre-qualified for our mortgage before we started looking last month. Last weekend we bought a new SUV, and when our Realtor saw it, she suggested that we check with the company handling our mortgage to be […]

Can We Afford a Condo?

Q: We’ve been considering buying a condo, but the monthly fee seems so high! You really need to do your homework on this one. Consider what the fee covers, and then consider the cost of those covered items for a single family home. Don’t forget the yard work, if you’re paying to have that done. […]